Why Customer Reviews Will Bring You More Business?

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What more do you require to gain more customers in your local market?

Reviews! Here’s why…

Online reviews, like word-of-mouth referrals, help to develop trust. When a friend recommends a business or service to you, it is because they believe in them sufficient enough to send them more business! The same thing happens when old customers leave reviews for the general public. “Hey, this business is (or is not) a business with which I would work again, and here’s why,” they say.

Reviews play a significant role in whether or not someone will pick up the phone and call you. Bad reviews will, without a doubt, drive customers away from your business or services.  But believe it or not, the lack of reviews can accomplish the same thing!

As you receive more good evaluations, your company will gain tremendous trust and reputation. (The more positive reviews you have on your Google My Business page, the higher you may rank among competitors!)

So, how can you earn positive feedback? Begin to inquire! Literally ASK for reviews!

Request reviews from previous customers on Google, Home Advisor, Yelp, or any other review network you use. Either contact them via email or SMS, asking them to tell you about their experience with you. It’s better if there’s a lot of it!

Have you gotten a bad review? It happens all the time. Handle it with care and do your utmost to remedy any faults that may have occurred. A negative review cannot be removed. All you have to do now is eclipse it with even more positive feedback!

So don’t let the fact that nothing has been spoken about you cost your potential business. Request reviews and allow the community to tell others why you’re ahead of others!

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