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Website Maintenance & Security Packages

You can’t do business when your site is down.

Don’t let your website fall apart.

I don’t just build remarkable websites, I also offer website maintenance and security services because I know site maintenance & keeping the flippin’ hackers at bay is essential to maximizing your website performance.

Just like any other technology, your website needs to be updated and maintained for optimal performance. The technologies used to build websites change over time as new features are added, bugs are fixed, and security exploits are patched.

Many websites go unmaintained for months if not years at a time, leading to greatly reduced performance, 404 errors, or other errors breaking core functionality. I identify performance issues, compatibility issues, outdated plug-ins, and optimize your website to keep things running smoothly.

Website Security & Maintenance Services

My job is simple – to keep your website up-to-date, secure, running smoothly, and bug-free. Maintenance on your website keeps it looking great, and running fast. I utilize monitoring software to keep track on your uptime, which pings the site every 60 seconds. I also complete a cloud server back-up daily.

My proactive approach to security combines finding and fixing potential threats before they become a problem. If these updates are not performed it can make your website a target.

Maintaining a site requires WordPress version updates, plugin upgrades, security software updates and hardware maintenance.

Maintenance Helps Your SEO

Keeping a site up-to-date has everything to do with how your site ranks, and how much traffic visits and, ultimately, converts. My ongoing website maintenance services are geared to maximize your online presence, and to keep the site running fast and smoothly.

New improvements to your content management system or hosting technology can have an impact on your overall speed. Google looks for fast-loading sites, as site visitors are not going to wait around for a resource-intensive landing page.

This includes visitors using mobile devices. With the rate of people using mobile devices to access the web growing steadily, you could even make the argument that it’s even more important to keep your site as speedy as possible.


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Keep Your Site Safe and Efficient

Month-To-Month WordPress Maintenance

With my month-to-month plans, avoiding untimely emergencies or meltdowns, and even worse, growing problems that can take months to recover from. I will keep your website up-to-date with the many elements of WP, such as:


Plugins, Themes, and Core Updates


WP & Plugin Software Updates


Database Optimization


Spam and Comment Maintenance


Loading Times, Speed, and Errors

Website Maintenance Packages

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