“Friends don’t let friends host on GoDaddy.” Our host, Phil Reinhardt, shares his office mantra with us on this episode of Digital Marketing Tech Talk. Focus today on the immediate four questions Phil would ask you concerning your frustratingly slow web loading speed. Get his top answers from frequently asked questions accumulated in the various groups he participates in each week. Let’s get your site up and running faster!


3 Key Takeaways

  • The top four questions Phil will ask you about your web speed
  • Why GoDaddy is not a good choice for a professional website
  • Phil’s top three recommendations for better hosts

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Show Notes

[0:20] Phil is ready to answer some frequently asked questions from the groups he participates in
[0:50] “My website is horribly slow. My page load times are horrific! What can I do?”
  • The top four things to focus on
    • Who is your host?
    • You get what you pay for
    • “Friends don’t let friends host on GoDaddy!” -Phil Reinhardt
[2:10] Recommendations for better hosts
  • Lower budget: Bluehost
    • You’re not going to get nickeled and dimed as much as GoDaddy
  • Next suggestion: SiteGround
    • “It’s a little more expensive, but worth every penny!” -Phil Reinhardt
    • They maintain their new servers and have phenomenal support
  • His highest suggestion: A2 Hosting
    • You can sign for different tiers of speed
    • An example of the differences he’s seen by switching a site to A2
[4:48] The next question Phil will ask
  • How many plugins do you have on your site?
    • The more plugins, the more loading your site may have, especially if you don’t update them!
      • Old codes are sometimes incompatible with new ones
[5:40] Images
  • The issue with overloading a photo with higher pixels that need to resize
    • Phil’s common practice of personally resizing images on his client’s speed
  • The overall file size
    • To upload a megabyte or higher on a computer, it will take a while
      • Reduce that file size before uploading
[8:20] The last thing: How’s your code?
  • “When was the last time you’ve had your database cleaned up or optimized?” -Phil Reinhardt
  • Do you use the same pages of code?
    • Code optimization
[9:15] Phil’s recap
  • Have a conversation about optimizing your website with Phil!


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