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4 Key Takeaways
  • How Google uses testimonials for ranking
  • Why not to use a testimonial page
  • Why not to use a client list page
  • Why not to use a “media” page

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Digital Marketing Tech Talk Episode 6 - How Important Are Testimonials and client logos

Episode 6 – How Important Are Testimonials and Client Logos

Phil discusses How Important are testimonials and client logos on your website, and What is the Best Way to Display These!

In this episode, Phil looks into this trend of using testimonials and client logos and discusses how you could apply this to your own websites, emails and more.

Testimonials are one of the most important pieces of content you can put on your website. The reason for this is they give your audience that one final push to buy your product or service.

This can come in the form of user reviews, testimonials, or bigger companies vouching for your website. You can accomplish this in many ways but one design trend I’ve seen a lot is recommended logos and press mentions.

It’s a very small idea but can go a long way towards building trust with your visitors.

Testimonials and client logos

The main message a testimonial tries to convey to your prospect’s subconscious mind is this: “Hey, look! This person bought this product and loved it!”.

This way, a testimonial establishes your credibility in front of your potential customers.

No one likes to be the first in line when it comes to buying a completely new and unfamiliar product from a new business. They first want to see someone else try it, and if that person likes it, maybe then they will buy it too.

A testimonial makes the product a less risky purchase for your new buyers, because it reassures them that your product or service is ‘tested’, ‘works great’ and, therefore, is safe to buy.

Phil discusses his thoughts on how to properly utilize these tactics, and to avoid using them improperly, or in a less effective way.

Video Version of the Podcast


[0:17] Testimonial Pages, In The Media Pages and Company Logos

[1:23] SEO Ranking Factors

[1:40] “In The News” or “Media Pages”

[2:19] Finding after years of testing

[4:26] A much better logic of displaying testimonials

[6:02] Displaying clients company logos (where and how)

[6:26] Why Phil displays videos when possible

[7:35] What “Hot Jar” is, and why you would use it

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