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  • How to write with intent to be found on google
  • Using specific keywords versus storytelling
  • When and where to write for google, and when  and where to write for storytelling

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Episode 9 Art - Blogging with Intent

Episode #09: Blogging With Intent – Write the perfect blog post

Blogging with intent

Phil Reinhardt discusses the logic about blogging with intent.

When I think back to what blogging was when it first started, or even 15 years ago, compared to what it is today, it’s a lot different. Back in the day, blogging was more or less making updates to your friends and family. You could go to a website like Live Journal, write different things out and update your audience. Basically, you would just write updates about what’s going on with your life. There wasn’t any consideration of keywords or things that you had to write about.

Today, blogging is a business process that is a Google-driven engine. You’re not able to find people online really anymore just stumbling upon your blog randomly. You have to promote it. And the number one way to get traffic for any blog is through Google. It’s not Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, even if they’re pretty good channels. These are the places that you should post your updates like the old blogging days.

The one to focus on and the one I solely focus on is Google.


Well, unlike social media, there’s a search and intent behind the person who’s typing on Google. So for example, if you’re on Facebook, you’re just browsing and you might find somebody you like and follow them. If you’re on Google, you’re looking for a solution based answer. Blogs are solution providers.

So in that sense, this blogging business is a search engines. Google is almost an extension of the human mind: you think something in your head, you type it into Google, and you look for specific results.

So that’s what I mean by blogging with intent. Write articles or blog posts geared towards the keywords you are trying to optimize for on your website. Watch the podcast for a good example!


Video Version of the Podcast


[1:o7] Phil explains “blogging with intent”

[3:12] When it comes to Google bots and SEO, This is what they look for.

[4:20] Writing towards your specific keywords you are trying to be found for

[9:01] Difference between story-telling and what you should write blog posts for

[12:51] Example of good blog posts, blog titles, blog keywords

[15:22] Specific examples of why not to write with storytelling, but more for specific keywords

[17:26] Where to use storytelling that is going to get more bang for your buck.

[19:01] Wrapping up the topic and summarizing podcast

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