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3 Key Takeaways
  • How to index your blog post on Google
  • Using Search Console to quickly Index new posts and pages
  • How to use the index tool to see if there are any issues before submitting to be indexed

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Digital Marketing Tech Talk Episode 8 -How to Index Blog Posts Quickly

Episode #08: How to Index Blog Posts Quickly

Index Blog Posts Quickly

In this episode, Index Blog Posts Quickly, Phil Reinhardt discusses how you can get you new blog posts, or new website pages indexed much quicker than you normally see content indexed on Google.

Google Search Console allows you to control over how Google indexes your website. Anyone with a website can use Google Search Console to monitor and maintain their website’s listing in search engines search results.

To use this free service, it’s not mandatory to sign up, but it’s worth doing so – to learn how Google sees your site and then optimize it for better rankings and better experiences for your visitors.

Today we will concentrate on submitting new content for crawling, which means that Google will check out your new content more quickly than usual (within minutes, not days or weeks) and it will then appear in search results faster.

Video Version of the Podcast


[1:14] Phil explains clients issue

[2:49] Looking at Google Search Console

[3:33] Phil explains URL Inspection tool

[5:05] After clicking request indexing – what will happen

[5:51] RankMath Instant Indexing plugin

[9:03] How to use instant index tool on individual post

[10:59] Barry Tait gives his response

[17:01] Wrap up and summing up the episode

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