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3 Key Takeaways
  • Always backup before updating
  • Why you should keep your site updated
  • What does keeping your site updated have to do with SEO

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Digital Marketing Tech Talk Episode 5 - Specific Steps to Take When Completing Updates on Your Website

Episode #05: Steps to Take When Updating WordPress

Phil discusses Specific Steps to Take When Completing Updates on Your WordPress Website – Or Updating WordPress


Do you want to complete or do any updating WordPress but don’t know where to start? Often newbie’s are afraid that an update may break their website.

Updating WordPress website should be a regular weekly or at least a monthly maintenance task. This episode is all about the steps that Phil Reinhardt takes when not only updating his own websites, but also updating dozens of client websites as well.

WordPress security research shows that majority of WordPress websites that get hacked are either due to an outdated WordPress core, plugins, or theme. WordPress is actively maintained by developers. These developers find and fix bugs, add new features, and hunt down security vulnerabilities on a regular basis. These changes are then released in a new WordPress version.  You need to update to make sure that your website has the latest security patches, newest features, and the best  speed and performance.

Prepare Before Updating WordPress

The most important thing you need to do before updating WordPress is to create a backup of your website. This is one of the steps Phil talks about, plus so much more.

Phil hopes this podcast helps you easily update WordPress to the latest version, your plugins and themes too, and help you avoid some major headaches if things go wrong!

Video Version of the Podcast


[1:17] Phil uses monitoring software

[2:04] First Steps Phil does when updating wordpress sites

[3:03] Plugin Phil uses for backing up the website

[4:58] Hiarchy of WordPress Items

[6:13] What Phil starts with when updating (his order of updating)

[7:30] Much easier taking these steps, when having to diagnose issues

[9:03] Why Phil doesn’t use automated updates or updating services

[10:49] Saves Phil time when having to deal with issues

Looking for someone to do the maintenance for you or your business? Contact Phil today, to set up a zoom call!

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