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3 Key Takeaways
  • One of Google’s top three ranking factors
  • Phil’s comparison of SEO to social media
  • The hierarchy of Yoast dots explained

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Digital Marketing Tech Talk Episode 3 Google Ranking Factors

Episode #03: Google Ranking Factors

Phil Discusses the top 5 things to worry about when it comes to ranking factors on Google.


On this episode of Digital Marketing Tech Talk, Phil Reinhardt discusses Google ranking factors. Phil talks about 5 things that you should be concerned about, when it comes to ranking factors on all search engines.

During the podcast, he mentions plugins you can use, like Yoast or All-in-One SEO and others.

Phil also discusses the importance of Google or Yelp or industry specific review sites (example: contractors or remodelers getting reviews on Angie’s List).

Learn about the other items Phil discusses on this episode, listen or watch now!


Video Version of the Podcast


[1:02] 5 Things You should be most concerned about

[1:10] On-Page Optimization

[1:28] Plugins you can use

[2:36] Questions? Reach out to Phil –

[3:17] Comparison of Social Media to SEO

[4:10] Talks about Backlinks

[5:04] Importance of Reviews

[6:03] Is your website up to date and mobile friendly

[6:51] Addressing page load times

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