Beginners Guide to a GMB Listings (Google My Business Listing)

I have done a post a while back regarding “business citations”, and how they can really help you in your SEO efforts. Well today, I want to talk about the “Big Dog” of all the business citations – a Google My Business Listing (Or GMB Listing).

Google processes 3.8 million queries or searches PER MINUTE, did you know?

Unreal, hey? There’s no denying that Google has evolved into a strong tool for finding information on the internet. People browse Google every day to search for local companies like yours in their neighborhood. A Google My Business listing (GMB) is one way people can find your company.

Let’s look at what GMB listings are, what they are used for, and why you should build one for your company!

What is a Google My Business listing?

example of a GMB

Consider a Google My Business listing to be a modern-day Yellow pages, but with a lot more features. It is an entirely free application that lets you build a business listing and appear for customers looking for your services in Google searches. For example, when someone searches for lawn care firms in Vancouver, WA, GMB listings look like this:

Google has spaces for three firms in the top three slots, and clicking “view all” brings up a complete list of lawn care companies in Vancouver, WA. This is where customers may get a list of all lawn care companies in their area. When users perform an online search, the GMB listings are one of the first things they see supported by PCs and mobile devices.

Isn’t it your goal for your company to appear here? The answer is…. heck ya!

Your free listing will include your phone number, business address, website, services you provide, business hours, and more! Here you’ll find almost everything a potential consumer needs to know about your company. I will get into more detail about that later.

What can you do with your Google My Business Listing?

Creating and customizing a Google My Business page for your company may be an effective local marketing tool. Your business can be reviewed by others. You can then respond to and interact with those reviews, establishing a relationship with your consumers and community. Like a social media site, you may also post information about your business, special offers or promotions, and images of your work.

Pulling out the aspects that make your business unique is a key part of enhancing your business profile. Things like your business hours, images of your work or team, and products and prices are all simple to alter and update.

Their “Insights” tool examines your business profile’s analytics. Clicks, calls, followers, and bookings can all be used to track how clients interact with you. It tells you how many people have reached your website, called your company, and how they found you in their search.

Why is it essential to create a Google My Business listing for your company!

My simple answer is that you need ATTENTION for your business on the internet. Even if you already have a website, when a customer searches for services on Google, the GMB results are one of the first things they see. Adding that free listing to your website is a simple method to increase your online visibility and attract new consumers.

Getting Started Suggestions:

  1. Get to work! Go to to create your listing.
  2. Complete the form to the best of your ability. This distinguishes you from the competition and may help you rank higher in the GMB search results. (Don’t forget to include images of your team or job!)
  3. Request feedback from previous customers. This is critical for establishing your brand and recruiting new customers!
  4. Reply to the feedback. It demonstrates that you are giving value to your customers’ opinions and feedback.
  5. Obtain verification! Google will be sending you a postcard as a confirmation that you are a legitimate company. This is needed to gain access to all of the benefits of your business listing.


Do you need assistance putting together your GMB listing? I’ll be able to assist you. Please contact me, and let us get this party started!

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