4 PPC Mistakes You’re Probably Making

A lot of small business owners are able to find success in their industry. This is because they know how to run a successful campaign on Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and other advertising platforms. How are you doing with your PPC campaigns? Are you making one of these common PPC Mistakes?

One of the most important parts of running a successful PPC campaign is understanding what you’re doing wrong.

In this article, we’ll show you four common mistakes that many businesses make while running a PPC campaign.

1. Focusing Too Much on Cost-Per-Lead

One of the most common mistakes that you’re probably making is focusing too much on cost-per-lead (CPL).

When it comes down to it, businesses are paying for conversions. They don’t care what they have to pay or how many leads they get as long as their campaign converts at a good rate.

For example, if your average lead costs $20 and you paid an additional $15 in ad spend getting those leads, then you’ve spent an extra total of $35 per conversion (.05 = .01 x 35).

No matter where this falls within your target range, there’s no way these PPC ads were profitable unless each conversion was worth more than $35 or less than half that amount.

CPL is a valuable PPC metric, but it doesn’t completely define your campaign’s success.

2. Bidding on Too Many Keywords

Another common mistake that many businesses make is bidding on too many keywords.

In fact, it’s probably the most common PPC mistake you’re making right now.

When a business starts a new campaign, they’ll often bid on every keyword in their list without considering how much traffic each keyword receives or whether there are more specific terms that would actually be better at generating conversions for them.

As time goes by and your budget dwindles down to nothing, this will become increasingly problematic because these companies don’t have enough money left over to run any other campaigns even though they’ve been wasting money all along.



Common Pay per click mistakes

Common PPC Mistakes

3. You’re Submitting Very Low Bids

Ideally, you’ll want to set your bids as high as possible without going over budget or wasting money on unnecessary clicks and impressions which won’t convert into sales for you anyways. There’s no sense in paying more than what it takes to get the most conversions with this kind of marketing strategy.

On average, we recommend that businesses spend at least $60 per day (or about 20% of their monthly revenue).

Failing to do so will significantly reduce an advertiser’s return on investment while also limiting how many new leads they can generate from PPC ads every month.

4. You’re Not Tracking Calls

Another common PPC mistake that many businesses make is not tracking calls.

Don’t get us wrong: we all know how difficult it can be to accurately track phone call conversions and sales right from the start, but if you want to see what’s working and what isn’t then there’s no way around this step.

Many companies avoid using a call-tracking number because they think that their business won’t benefit from having one or that it will cost them more money than they’re willing to pay for something like this.

If your ads are converting well enough on average though, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use an 800 number until other factors prevent you from doing so (excessive ad spend).

Let’s fix your common PPC Mistakes!

If you are making these critical mistakes, it’s time to make immediate adjustments. To learn more about how I can help, contact me today to speak to me about your campaigns.

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