Welcome to another informative episode of Digital Marketing Tech Talk, where host Phil Reinhardt explains his responses to some of the most frequently asked questions in his monthly SEO group. Understand why you need to run your site through sitemaps ASAP in order to get it ranking on Google and distinguish the differentiating factors between Google Search Console and Google Analytics–and why both are important for web traffic.

3 Key Takeaways

  • If you haven’t run your site through sitemaps, it’s possible Google is kicking you out of the ranking system because it doesn’t know what your site is about. 
  • Most websites are accessed through mobile devices, so make absolutely sure both versions of your site are visually acceptable. 
  • Most people who know about sitemaps don’t know about Google Analytics and Google Search Console, but you really should be utilizing all three of these. I’ll explain their key distinguishing factors today.

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Show Notes

[0:20] Today’s topic is one that frequently comes up in Phil’s monthly SEO groups: Google Search Console and Google Analytics

[2:10] Phil walks you through how to log in to Google Analytics

[3:20] Most websites are going to be accessed via mobile rather than a desktop

  • “Make darn sure that all of your desktop views of your website and on mobile are up to snuff.” -Phil Reinhardt

[5:05] “Google Search Console is all about helping your website get discovered, ranking, and identifying things that might hurt you in your ranking.” -Phil Reinhardt

[8:05] Phil refers to an example provided in past episodes: “My blog site isn’t showing up. What do I do?”

[10:30] If you’re not confident in your ability to do this on your own, get help from Phil!



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