Take a closer look at your testimonials and ‘about’ pages in this episode of Digital Marketing Tech Talk, where host and web expert Phil Reinhardt will show you how creating a separate landing page for each of these will result in fewer visits and HURT your SEO. Instead walk through with Phil on how he’s done it for his hundreds of clients, always with higher results. 

3 Key Takeaways

  • The more pages you place on your website, the less traffic you will get. Look for pages that can be tweaked or removed entirely for better SEO. 
  • Sprinkling is your new favorite verb. Sprinkle your testimonials, mobile business info, and even your bio onto the homepage–carefully
  • Video is KING. If you can get video testimonials, it will boost your views substantially.

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Show Notes

[1:10] Phil is speaking today about testimonial pages, about pages, and company mobile pages

  • “I agree that all of these things are important. But what I want to address is that the SEO logic for one of these pages gains you nothing. And the logic of having an individual page for each of these is probably going to hurt you.” -Phil Reinhardt

[4:35] Phil shows what he does to get that communication without separate landing pages

[4:59] Your testimonial pages are doing NO good

[5:53] Phil includes a scroller that focuses on bigger company names on the landing page

  • Sprinkle your main page with two or three testimonials in a scroller or video
  • “The longer they’re on your site, and the more they look around your site, the better your SEO.” -Phil Reinhardt

[8:45] “Video is king; if you don’t have any video testimonials for your business, get them somehow, someway, and it will benefit you.” -Phil Reinhardt

  • “These are the things that are going to help you when it comes to ranking, social proof, and testimonials.” -Phil Reinhardt

[10:40] The question that starts this problem out is: “Why isn’t my testimonial page indexing? It’s not ranking in Google.”

  • When people google reviews on your business, they’re going to come up to the Google review or Yelp reviews site, not your webpage!



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