Welcome to another instructive episode on Digital Marketing Tech Talk, where host Phil Reinhardt will provide the top 10 specific things you can look at to address your SEO right now–the low-hanging fruit of search engine optimization. 

 Gain deeper insight into the vitality of SSL, the high-and-climbing importance of page load speed, and even the role of technical SEO. Don’t miss this informative episode that will help you gain the graces of Google and rank at the top!

3 Key Takeaways

  • People freak out about bad Google reviews; don’t! There are ways to place yourself back into Google’s good graces. 
  • Business listings are important to employ across several platforms. It may seem like busywork, but ensuring you have the right information is key (I do this across 50 platforms for clients).
  • Google will remove you ENTIRELY if you don’t use SSL. Learn what it is and how to use it today.

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Show Notes

[0:20] Phil introduces the topic of today’s episode: 10 SEO help tips

[0:40] What is SEO?

  • “When I get a client, this is the first thing that I do to raise their rankings.” -Phil Reinhardt

[3:38] Number 1: SSL (What is it, and what does it do for my website?)

  • “It has become very important that every website has an SSL. If you don’t have it, Google will remove you entirely.” -Phil Reinhardt
  • Remember that not all hosting platforms are equal but most credible ones offer a free SSL

[7:10] 2: Page load speed is so important that it is a top 3 Google ranking factor

  • “For every one-second delay of your load time, you lose 11 % of your users.” -Phil Reinhardt
  • Phil provides 5 ways you can manually improve your page load speed

[25:50] There are ways to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly

  • “Google will de-rank you for having a not-mobile-friendly site; pay attention to this, especially if your website is over 5 years old.” -Phil Reinhardt

[29:15] 4: Business citations/listings are important for ensuring your name and contact info is correct as well as the link to your website

  • In this case, consistency is most important! If you get your address wrong on one of them, you rank lower

[34:55] 5: Your business reviews are more complex than you think; ensure you have the right testimonials

  • “Everybody’s panicking about bad reviews; don’t! Google has said: if you address the issues the best you can, Google takes notice of that and will rank you higher.” -Phil Reinhardt

[38:15] 6: Optimized content is KING

[39:20] 7: Technical SEO

[39:45] 8: Your user experience should be as easy to navigate as possible

  • “Sometimes less is more when it comes to websites. Fine tune your pages down to 20 or less.” -Phil Reinhardt

[42:00] 9: There are different types of links; inbound are more important than outbound links

  • There are certain types of backlinks to avoid–definitely DON’T pay someone for that

[46:26] 10: The last thing to pay attention to is social signals




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