Host Phil Reinhardt continues to address his most frequently-asked questions on today’s episode of Digital Marketing Tech Talk Podcast. Join Phil as he focuses solely on how you can quickly get better Google ranking factors for your website. Look at the facts, learn the statistics, and discover the importance of four key SEO approaches, including the admonition not to overlook mobile devices and review backlinks.

3 Key Takeaways

  • One of Google’s top three ranking factors
  • Phil’s comparison of SEO to social media
  • The hierarchy of Yoast dots explained

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Show Notes

[0:20] Phil introduces the topic of today’s episode
  • Ranking factors on Google
    • Phil’s media group for beginner to intermediate SEO
[1:00] There are specific things to worry about concerning SEO
1) On-page optimization
    • Assure your code, header tags, and metadata are up to snuff
    • There are plugins that can help you do that
      • Phil’s favorite: All in One SEO Plugin and Yoast
        • The hierarchy of dots
    • Reach out to an SEO person (or Phil) with any other on-page questions
[2:50] 2) Reviews
    • Google, Yelp, Linkedin, etc.
    • “I often compare SEO to social media.” -Phil Reinhardt
    • On social, you post something funny, people like, comment, and share
      • Platforms take notice of this!
    • The next thing is backlinks
      • Particularly, review backlinks
      • “The more reviews, the more they’re going to serve up the site.” -Phil Reinhardt
      • Google has outright said that one of their top three ranking factors are reviews
[5:20] “You need to devise a way to get more reviews from clients. Focus on your reviews!” -Phil Reinhardt
3) Is your website up-to-date mobile-friendly?
  • “Nowadays, over 60% of all web traffic is coming from a mobile device. If your website is not fast and mobile-friendly, you’re going to shoot yourself in the foot when it comes to rankings.” -Phil Reinhardt
    • Page load times are in the same vein
    • Web speed is even more important for a mobile device than a computer!
      • Check out my past episode in the resources section to learn more
      • If your web load is 4 seconds or above, you’ve got to fix that for ranking


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